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Lopar has 22 sandy beaches and many smaller picturesque coves. Visitors have recognized their charms over 120 years ago, and they have remained equally appealing for tourists from around the world.

These beaches are famous for their crystal clear, shallow and warm sea.

Not many destinations boast such a large number of natural coves with wonderful sandy beaches. You could say that Lopar is a true SAND HEAVEN. You can enjoy the famous beach Rajska plaža, as well as the beaches Livačina, Stolac, Sahara, Podšilo, Dubac, Sturič, Ciganka, Siće, Crikvena Dražica, Meli... Each visitor will find a beach to suit their tastes. You can enjoy one of the larger beaches which offer all the exciting seaside amenities - hospitality services, beach sports and water sports. However, there are also small, hidden, wild, intimate coves with sandy and rocky beaches where tourists can enjoy the magic of nature in the true sense of the word.

Another advantage of this location is that the beaches are safe for everyone, especially for children, as they are shallow and warm.

There are also clothing-optional beaches such as Ciganka and Sahara, and the nudist beach Stolac.

Lopar also offers several pet-friendly beaches, while snorkelling and diving enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby in an endless number of locations.

Most beaches can be reached via car or a stroll through beautiful nature, and many visitors reach the hidden coves by their boats or taxi boats from Lučica.

One thing is for sure – you will find a beach to suit your taste in Lopar, and swimming in the crystal-clear sea will be an unforgettable experience!